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By using this site you agree to the following terms and conditions:
1) All orders are final. Currently BTCzone.com does not allow returns or refunds. We understand that this is an essential part of shopping and we will try to add this as soon as possible.
2) The buyer is responsible for sending total payment in BTC to the address provided in the order email within one hour of submitting an order. If we do not receive a payment within one hour the order will be considered abandoned.
3) Bitcoin and all other items exchanged on this web site are not legal tender, and are not advertised as such.
4) The buyer agrees to resolve all support issues over email only.
5) BTCzone.com is not responsible for supporting any products purchased through this site.
6) BTCzone.com reserves the right to refuse to fill any order received for any reason. All bitcoins received will be refunded if such a case occurs. We will, however, do our best to fill all orders.

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