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Click to see the full product description at Amazon AAXA Technologies Lightning to HDMI Presentation Cable
Price: 0.002410
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HDMI/Lightning for iPad, iPhone, Projector, iPad mini - Lightning Proprietary Connector - HDMI Digital Audio/Video

Click to see the full product description at Amazon AAXA P4-X Android Wireless Smart Pico Projector, Built-in 90 Minute Battery & Touchpad, Office Viewer, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, Android 5.1 OS, 175 Lumens, black
Price: 0.024783
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The AAXA P4-X Android is a feature-rich upgrade to the popular P4-X Pico Projector. At the heart of the new P4-X Android is a new smart-CPU enabling Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth radio, and operating on the Android Lollipop platform. Now P4-X Android users are free to connect to the internet and access a myriad of applications including video streaming, Office viewer, smartphone mirroring, and much more. Retained on the P4-X Android is an award-winning 175 lumen optical engine with 20,000 hour LEDs capable of producing a 120" image in dark areas and powered by Texas Instruments DLP Technology.

Click to see the full product description at Amazon AAXA P5 LED Portable Pico Projector, 300 Lumen, 1280x720P HD Resolution, 135 Min Battery, 20,000 Hour LED, Media Player, Business
Price: 0.027965
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The AAXA P5 is the World's Smallest 300 Lumen Pico Projector. It revolutionizes mobile projection by mating a lithium ion battery with LED Projection technology. This union creates a no compromise portable projector that can deliver high quality images both plugged in or on battery power. With it's third generation optical system, the P5 features a brilliant 300 Lumen optical engine powered by 20,000 Hour Vibrant Color LEDs and a native HD resolution of 1280x720. This optical power house enables the P5 to deliver vivid 120" displays in dark areas and usable displays in brightly lit areas - a first for mobile projection.

Click to see the full product description at Amazon Mur Aaxa
Price: 0.000095
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Click to see the full product description at Amazon KITAAXKP60001TRPP510010 - Value Kit - Aaxa Technologies P300 Pico Projector (AAXKP60001) and Tripp Lite P510-010 10ft VGA Monitor Extension Gold Cable HD15 M/F (TRPP510010)
Aaxa Technologies
Price: 0.051695
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lt;stronggt;AAXKP60001lt;/stronggt;lt;BR/gt;Aaxa Technologies P300 Pico Projectorlt;BR/gt;Extremely bright battery-powered HD pocket projector capable of delivering 300 peak lumens at high-definition HD resolution. Powered by Texas Instruments DLP Technology, it delivers dazzling color quality with an operating life of more than 15,000 hours and is capable of generating a viewing experience of up to 120. Less than 6 long, 6 wide, and only 1.6 tall, it is both compact and energy efficient - consuming less than 25W. Additional features include VGA input support, 1280x800 HDMI support, Micro SD Card slot, USB port, composite video input, and 3.5mm headphone jack. Sixty-minute internal Li-ion battery sold separately. Brightness: 300 lm Technology: DLP Weight: 1.3 lbs Audio Output: 3.5mm Speaker/Headphone;BR/gt;lt;BR/gt;lt;stronggt;TRPP510010lt;/stronggt;lt;BR/gt;Tripp Lite P510-010 10ft VGA Monitor Extension Gold Cable HD15 M/Flt;BR/gt;Use this extension cable with VGA computer monitors. Gold-plated connectors and copper contacts ensure excellent conductivity. Cable is foil-shielded for maximum EMI/RFI protection. Cable Type: Monitor Connector/Port/Interface: HD15 FemaleHD15 Male For Device Type: VGA Computer Monitor.

Click to see the full product description at Amazon RIF6 CUBE Pico Video Projector with 120 Inch Display - 2 Inch Mobile Portable Mini Projector 20,000 Hour LED Compatible with HDMI Devices Phones Laptops Tablets Gaming Consoles - Includes Mini Tripod
Price: 0.020383
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Meticulously designed for unbridled imaginations, the cube works with your MHL/HDMI devices so you can transform your 5-inch screen into a 120-inch display. Discover how the tiny cube will make a big impression. Small, but made for big things, the cube is engineered for portability and performance. From grand adventures and strokes of genius to channel surfing and movie marathons, go places and take it with you, or stay put and be transported. Apple devices and latest generation Samsung devices require an adapter for compatibility. Contact RIF6 support to find out how to connect your device!

Click to see the full product description at Amazon AAXA Optional Power Adapter for AAXA HD Pico Mini Cube Projector (Not compatible with other AAXA projector models)
AAXA Technologies
Price: 0.002425
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Designed to provide continuous power to your AAXA HD Pico Projector. Enjoy full length movies on 80-inch screen without interruptions.

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