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Click to see the full product description at Amazon Rosewill ESD Anti-Static Wrist Strap Components RTK-002, Black/Yellow
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Protect Your PC from Static Electricity. Adjustable Strap Fits Your Wrist Comfortably. Extra-long Coiled Cord for Wide Range of Movement.

Click to see the full product description at Amazon Velleman AS4 11.8"X21.6" Anti-Static Mat W/Gnd Cord
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VELLEMAN AS4 ANTI-STATIC MAT WITH GROUND CABLE / 11.8" x 22". PVC-latex material can be used as dissipative matting. Easy to clean and maintain. Comes with: grounding cord.

Click to see the full product description at Amazon STATIC GUARD Fabric Spray, 5.5 oz
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Instantly eliminates static cling: specially formulated for use while-you-wear.

Click to see the full product description at Amazon Anti Static Wrist Straps - 3 Pack - Reusable Anti-Static Wrist Straps equipped with Grounding Wire and Alligator Clip - Enables you to Ground Yourself while working on Sensitive Electronics
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3-pack of reusable anti-static wrist straps equipped with grounding wire and alligator clip

These wrist straps enable you to ground yourself while working on sensitive electronics.

Protects your computer from electrostatic discharge damage when you are installing or replacing hardware, such as memory modules, graphic cards, etc.

The extra long coiled cord can rotate 360 degrees and can reach a length of up to 71 inch (180 cm) for optimal freedom of movement.

The adjustable strap fits your wrist comfortably. It will fit around wrists with a circumference of up to 9.25 inch (23,5 cm).

NOTE: Never connect yourself or any hardware you are working on to the mains electricity or any other electric power supply.


- 3x Wrist strap with grounding wire and alligator clip

- 1x Cleaning cloth

Eco-Fused If for any reason you are unhappy with any product by Eco-Fused, please do not hesitate to contact us. We take full ownership and responsibility for the quality of our products and will do our very best to solve your problem quickly and efficiently! Eco-Fused-USPTO# 86127507- is a registered trademark protected by US Trademark Law. Eco-Fused products are sold by authorized sellers only.

Click to see the full product description at Amazon iMBAPrice® (Pack of 2) Anti-Static Adjustable Grounding Wrist Strap Components Black, Yellow
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Protect Your PC from Static Electricity. Handle upgrades repairs routine maintenance and adjustments with ease. iMBAPrice® anti-static wrist band provides reliable static control and 360-degree protection--a simple but important safeguard against computer-killing static electricity

Click to see the full product description at Amazon Kinetronics Anti-static Microfiber Cloth, 10x18-Inch Tiger Cloth
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The Kinetronics ASC-BP is an anti-static, microfiber cloth that has been specifically engineered for cleaning photographic films. The 10" x 18" (250mm x 450mm) orange cloth has stripes of effective conductive fibers knit every 1/8" or 4mm that dissipate o

Click to see the full product description at Amazon Blue Silver Tone LCD Display Static Electricity Release Discharger Keyring
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  • Escape from shock due to discharge of static electricity. Release static electricity security within the human body in 0.2-3 second.LCD shown by the electrostatic charged on you.Key holder design. This anti-static keychain is powerful to eliminate static electricity. Can safely and effectively eliminate the hazards static.No battery needed. This anti-static keychain can safely and effectively eliminate the hazards static.Best for Computer, Auto, avoiding getting shocked by car doors etc.

Click to see the full product description at Amazon 24x27.5-Inch Desktop Anti-Static Mat M3013 (Beige)
Price: 0.016751
Add to shopping cart''s Desktop Anti-Static Mat helps you protect your valuable computer equipment from dangerous static electricity. This high quality anti-static mat is constructed from the highest quality static dissipative material, to ensure safe operation of your equipment. The anti-static mat exceeds IBM and US military static control standards and measures 24x27.5 in - perfect for placement under the CPU/VDT and keyboard.

Click to see the full product description at Amazon ACL Staticide 2005 Regular Heavy Duty Topical Anti-Stat, 1 qt Trigger Sprayer Bottle
ACL Staticide
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ACL Staticide regular heavy duty topical anti-stat with trigger sprayer. It is a proprietary water-based formulation consisting of several quaternary compounds. Long-lasting solution for high friction surfaces. Used for treating carpets, chairs, clothing, conveyor belts, totes and work surfaces with heavy use. If material is porous or absorbent, use Regular heavy duty. Ideal for eliminating static and preventing tribogeneration on carpets, upholstery and fabrics. It is also appropriate to use in avoiding jamming or material slippage during printing, packaging and converting. This solution can even be used as an aid to avert dangerous static-triggering situations such as the ignition of combustible vapors, dust or solvents. Staticide topicals can be applied by spraying, wiping, dipping, transfer roller coating, gravure coating or flexographic printing. Every Staticide topical dilution is proven to be effective in relative humidity below 15 percent. One gallon covers approximately 2000 square feet and will last from weeks to months, depending on the application and the material it is applied to. Ideal for eliminating static-related problems such as: electrostatic discharge on carpeting and fabrics; jamming or slipping of materials during printing, packaging or converting; ignition of combustible vapors, dust or solvents, causing fire or explosion. When properly applied, it complies with or exceeds all electrostatic decay criteria established for antistatic performance as set forth by NFPA and MIL B-81705, when tested in accordance with Federal Test Standard 101B, Method 4046. Approximate cloud point: 30 degrees F. Approximate solidification point: 20 degrees F. Shelf life: indefinite. Temperature stability: withstands up to 30 minutes at 250 degrees F. Very slight amber/clear color. 1 quart bottle.

Click to see the full product description at Amazon Static Guard Spray -- 5.5 oz. (Pack of 3)
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Static Guard Fresh Scent Spray: Gentle and residue-free Static Guard spray instantly eliminates static cling Stop flyaway hair by spraying on brush before styling Remove pet hair and lint by spraying on clothing, drapes and upholstery then wait one minute and brush or vacuum Eliminate static around the house by spraying on carpets, upholstery and drapes Protect computers and electronics by spraying on carpets near electronic equipment Safe for all color-fast fabrics Safe on silk

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