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Click to see the full product description at Amazon Rosewill ESD Anti-Static Wrist Strap Components RTK-002, Black/Yellow
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Protect Your PC from Static Electricity. Adjustable Strap Fits Your Wrist Comfortably. Extra-long Coiled Cord for Wide Range of Movement.

Click to see the full product description at Amazon Velleman AS4 Anti-Static Mat with Ground Cable - Desktop static dissipative mat - 11.8" x 22"
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Static electricity can destroy delicate electronics in an instant. The AS4, when properly connected to ground, provides an ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) work surface. It's perfect for electronics assembly, repair or kit building. The AS4 comes with a coiled grounding cord that snaps onto the mat and has a banana plug/alligator clip on the other end.

Click to see the full product description at Amazon 24x27.5-Inch Desktop Anti-Static Mat M3013 (Beige)
Price: 0.004726
Add to shopping cart''s Desktop Anti-Static Mat helps you protect your valuable computer equipment from dangerous static electricity. This high quality anti-static mat is constructed from the highest quality static dissipative material, to ensure safe operation of your equipment. The anti-static mat exceeds IBM and US military static control standards and measures 24x27.5 in - perfect for placement under the CPU/VDT and keyboard.

Click to see the full product description at Amazon Vastar ESD Anti-Static Wrist Strap Components, Blue
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Protect your pc from static electricity. Adjustable strap fits your wrist comfortably. Extra-long coiled cord for wide range of movement. Package included: 1 x Vastar esd anti-static wris. Warranty: 18-month warranty.

Click to see the full product description at Amazon iMBAPrice® (Pack of 2) Anti-Static Adjustable Grounding Wrist Strap Components Black, Yellow
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Protect Your PC from Static Electricity. Handle upgrades repairs routine maintenance and adjustments with ease. iMBAPrice® anti-static wrist band provides reliable static control and 360-degree protection--a simple but important safeguard against computer-killing static electricity

Click to see the full product description at Amazon ThxToms ESD Anti-Static Gloves, High Performance Conductive Carbon Fiber, Medium, 1 Pair
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ThxToms ESD anti-static gloves provide a prefect hand protection.

Material: Carbon fiber
Package: 1 pair
Size: Small, Medium, Large
Design: The fingers with PU coat are wearproof; Knit cuff provide a strong stretch.

?Carbon fiber conductive wire possess a strong anti-static function.
?Strong stretch fit many size hand and more flexible in work.
?Knit combine carbon fiber are much more breathable.
?Lightweight and comfortable design like a second skin on your hand.

Wide range of Precision Packaging, Product Inspection, Electronic Product Assembly Workshop, Laboratory, PCB Factory, Mechanical Workshop, Gardening, Chemical Industry, etc.

Click to see the full product description at Amazon Milty Zerostat 3 Anti-Static Gun, Blue
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Milty Zerostat 3 Anti-Static Gun removes static electricity from the surface of any LP, perfect for record cleaning. This device is an anti-static generator which has numerous applications, but for audiophiles, the main use is to remove the static charge on the surface of a record. A slow squeeze of the Zerostat "trigger" releases a steady stream of ions, which removes the built-up static charge on the surface of an LP instantly. The Zerostat is perfect for eliminating the static charge that builds up due to the rotation of a Record Cleaning Machine and its suction tube and eliminates this charge with a slow pull of the trigger. The Zerostat antistatic gun was discovered to have great applicability for use in photographic darkrooms to remove dust from film and negatives.

Click to see the full product description at Amazon Kinetronics Anti-static Microfiber Cloth, 10x18-Inch Tiger Cloth
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The Kinetronics ASC-BP is an anti-static, microfiber cloth that has been specifically engineered for cleaning photographic films. The 10" x 18" (250mm x 450mm) orange cloth has stripes of effective conductive fibers knit every 1/8" or 4mm that dissipate o

Click to see the full product description at Amazon TKDMR 10pcs/Pack Black Meshes ESD Antistatic Shielding Bag Clear 12"x16"(30X40cm) for Motherboard Video Card LCD Screen With 10pcs Anti-static labels
Price: 0.008123
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Surface color: Black mesh and transparent
Material: Polyethylene (PE) and Black conductive ink
Size(approx.): 30X40cm/12X16inches(LxW)

Before you buy this product, be sure to check the size you want.

Application Long lifespan and environmentally-friendly

Package Includes:
10x Anti-Static Bags
10x Anti-Static labels
Please allow little color difference due to the screen and light brightness.

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