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Click to see the full product description at Amazon LimoStudio Full Spectrum Light Bulb 105 Watt 5500K CFL Daylight Bulb White Balanced Light, LMS697
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LimoStudio Full Spectrum Light Lighting Bulb 105W Photography Photo CFL 6500K Daylight Balanced Pure White Light Energy Saving Compact Fluorescent Spiral Bulb ( 6500K Watts: 105W - Equals to 400W Regular Incandescent Light Bulb Output, Overall Diameter: 4 In Overall Length: 12 In)

Click to see the full product description at Amazon Anself 571-1585 GPH Commercial Hydro Active O2 Aquarium Air Pump Electrical Magnetic Oxygen Pump 20/35/45/55/80/105W
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The main case is made of high quality ZL102 aluminum alloy with streamline design, and heat dissipation is more effective.
Great for hydroponics, dusting, inflation, manufacture etc.
Widely used to provide oxygen in aquariums, fish farms and hydroponic systems.
Surface phosphating treatment with electrostatic spraying, color and luster is uniform with stronger adhesion.
Special artificial rubber to keep a air flow output and pressure that can be adjusted freely.

Please put the air pump at the position above the water surface more than 20cm to prevent water from flowing backwards or it should be fit with a non-return valve.

Material: Copper + Aluminum Alloy
Color: Sliver (ACO-001/ACO-002/ACO-004/ACO-006)
Gold (ACO-003/ACO-005)
Plug Type: US Plug
Voltage: 110V/60Hz
Model: ACO-001 / ACO-002 / ACO-003/ ACO-004 / ACO-005 / ACO-006 (Optional)
Power: 20W / 35W / 45W / 55W / 80W / 105W
Pressure: 0.016MPa / 0.03MPa / 0.03MPa / 0.035MPa / 0.035MPa / 0.04MPa
Output: 20L/min / 40L/min / 50L/min / 60L/min / 70L/min / 85L/min
Max Flow: 571GPH / 794GPH / 952GPH / 1157GPH / 1268GPH / 1585GPH
Applications: Hydroponics, Aquariums, Fish Farms and Hydroponic Systems, Dusting, Inflation, Manufacture
Item Size: Approx. ACO-001: 156 * 82 * 104mm / 6.14 * 3.23 * 4.09in
 ACO-002: 161 * 94 * 112mm / 6.34 * 3.70 * 4.41in
ACO-003: 181 * 94 * 118mm / 7.12 * 3.70 * 4.65in
ACO-004: 198 * 99 * 132mm / 7.79 * 3.90 * 5.20in
ACO-005: 212 * 99 * 132mm / 8.35 * 3.90 * 5.20in
ACO-006: 223 * 101 * 152mm / 8.78 * 3.98 * 5.98in

Package List:
1 * Air Pump
1 * Outlet Nozzle
1 * Air Manifold
1 * Additional Pipe
1 * User Manual

Click to see the full product description at Amazon 105 WATT CFL FLUROESCENT BULB 5500k FULL SPECTRUM BULB DAYLIGHT BALANCE CFL BY Fancierstudio 105W
Fovitec (USA) International Inc.
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These bulbs have a color temperature of 5500k daylight. The bulb is equivalent of 400 watts of tungsten light. You will get very accurate color reproduction with your video or digital camera, no need to use filters for color corrections. These lights are based on new technology. These high output photo fluorescent bulbs produce very soft light that renders natural skintones with out hot spots and will make all of your digital images or videos look professional.

Click to see the full product description at Amazon Fovitec StudioPRO - 2x 105 Watt Daylight Fluorescent Light Bulb - [2 Pack][105W][5500K][CFL][Full Spectrum]
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Product Overview

Fovitec StudioPRO CFL lights deliver true and crisp colors with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 90. StudioPRO bulbs are daylight (white) balanced at 5500K, which allows them to be combined easily with ambient, window light for supplmental lighting. Bulbs are rated to last up to 5+ years for 4+ hours of daily usage, outputting 90% less heat than similar incandescent light bulbs of comparable output.

Technical Specs

Component SKU: F17-002-105
Item: 105 Watt Full-Spectrum Bulb
Wattage: 105
Dimensions: 11"x4"x4"
Color Temperature: 5500K, Daylight
CRI: 90
Light Output: 4050 lumens at 1 meter
Energy Savings: Up to 80% compared to incandescent bulbs of similar output
Tri-Band technology inside
Standard screw-in base
Silent and flickerless operation
Designed for usage at 110V, 60 Hz

2x 105W bulbs

Click to see the full product description at Amazon 105W ELECTRONIC LOW VOLTAGE HALOGEN TRANSFORMER HD105-120
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HD105-120 Step down 120 Volt to 12 Volt 105 Watt Electronic Low Voltage TransformerFor use with 12V Halogen lights, Under-cabinet lights, Recessed lights, Track light, Landscape light and other similar lighting system ONLY. Dimension: L- 4 1/4", W- 1 3/4", H- 1 1/4" Center hole: 3/8" diameter pipe Also has mounting holes on both ends of transformer. This unit has a built-in Auto Reset Short Circuit Protection. Fully Dimmable using electronic dimmer. Input: 120VAC 60Hz 1.2A Output: 12VAC 105W Max Operation Frequency: 20KHz Soft Start Overload Important Please Read: This unit cannot be use to replace a magnetic transformer that has a run of more than 10 ft. Electronic transformer should be installed as close to the lighting fixture as possible, maximum of 10 ft. using #14 guage wire to minimize voltage drop. This transformer is dimmable, output may vary and produce less than 12 volts due to fluctuation in power demand and supply. Test Transformer with load only (must be a new halogen bulb). Regular volt meter does not work with electronic transformer and will give zero or incorrect reading. This will not power motors, electronic devices, and equipment. Send me an email if you have any question. Minimum load 50 Watts Halogen Lamp

Click to see the full product description at Amazon [PowerPort 105W/2.4A Max]UNITEK 10-Port Fast Charger USB Wall / Desktop Multi-Port Charging Station for Apple iPad Pro/ mini/Air, iPhone, Galaxy, Nexus,LG, Tablet PC
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UNITEK 105 Watt / 21 Amp 10-Port Family-Sized Desktop USB Charger Station charges up to 10 USB devices simultaneously with only 1 charger cord. Simply connect all your smartphones, tablets PC, cameras, speakers and quickly charge all your devices from one place. The charging station organizer is an ideal solution for you to charge all your power-hungry devices easily. Now you can afford to charge everything at once.

Ultra Powerful
The load is controlled in accordance with a specific program of a microcontroller, which adjusts the current and the charging time according to the capacity. 10 ports power out 105 watts of power, enabling simultaneous multi-device charging. You can charge 8* ipad Air and 2* 1A output devices (8port×2.4A output ×5V + 2port×1A output×5V=106W)

SmartIC & Charging Safely
SmartIC Technology: the way of SmartIC works is by automatically recognizing your devices, and distributing the perfect charge to each charging device individually and simultaneously. Charging will be automatically stop when battery is full. (Using the original cable (such as MFI-Certified) to get high speed charging is recommended). Intelligent anti-overcharge protection IC and built-in cooling air duct guarantee the device working stability and safty.

* 1 x 3.28 ft / 1m AC Power Cord
* Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.7A
* Output: total 21.2A (2*1A, 8*2.4A)
* Blue LED indicator: Power / Access
* Built-in cooling fan, Better protection
* On/Off Button: Turns power to the unit On or Off
* Regulatory Approvals: CE, FCC, RoHS
* Please note: Charger functions only as a power source, does not transmit data.

Click to see the full product description at Amazon LimoStudio Set of Two 105 Watt, 6500 K Fluorescent Daylight Balanced Light Bulb for Photography and Video Lighting, AGG878

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(2) x Full Spectrum Light Bulb 105W Photography Photo CFL 6500K Daylight Balanced Pure White Light
Energy Saving Compact Fluorescent Spiral Bulb
- Saves energy up to 80%
Regular Screw Base
Color Temperature: 6500K
Watts: 105W
- Equals to 400W Regular Incandescent Light Bulb Output (Total Output: 800W)
Style: Spiral
Lamp Tone: Day Light

Click to see the full product description at Amazon 2017 New 5''x7'' 6''x7'' 105w Osram High Low Beam Led Headlights for Jeep Wrangler YJ Cherokee XJ H6054 H5054 H6054LL 69822 6052 6053 with Angel Eyes DRL (Black 105w Osram Chips)

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Click to see the full product description at Amazon PerFit Casio Replacement Watch Band + Spring Rods for F-91 F-91W F-94 F-94W F-105 F-105W F-28 A-158 71604002, 18mm (Black + Plastic Buckle)

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PerFit® is a brand born from the need for high quality OEM replacements parts and custom upgrades for watches with a following.

The PerFit® Promise: you'll be happy with the Perfect Fit or your money back.

PerFit® Perfect Fit, Guaranteed.

Fits the following CASIO models:
CASIO F105W-1A (3298)

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