Star Communicators


We've created an easy and innovative way for people to talk to each other inside their home. Place our Stars in different rooms and easily reach each other without leaving your own room.

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News and Entertainment

Get the latest news, trivia, learning materials for kids or entertainment on your screen. Upload your own photos to display as a dynamic picture frame. Talk to your family in any room. All on the same easy to use device.

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We believe that technology should not be hard to use or intimidating. Our communicators automatically find each other, all you have to do is connect them to the same wifi and you are good to go!

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How it works

AzTech Star setup

No need to create accounts or remember passwords. With a simple screen touch and without having to do any tedious setup your family will be able to...

  • Broadcast voice messages to all other Stars in your home with a single button
  • Listen to kids music, fairy tales and fun facts (for children)
  • Listen to different genres of music (for their parents)
  • Read news articles, recipes, kids stories from multiple sources
  • View current weather and five day forecast
  • Display learning material to your kids (math, science, etc.)

The screensaver feature allows you to view pictures of landscapes, animals and other categories. Add your own photos to a Star and have it rotate them for you, so you can also use your star as a picture frame.

We feel that this kind of device would make peoples' lives easier and bring families closer.

Check out available packages

AzTech Star

A 10inch hub that serves as information, learning and entertainment center, picture frame, as well as an easy to use communicator. The setup is as easy as connecting it to your wifi network, the communicator will do the rest - find its peers on the network and establish communication.

AzTech Star

Capella Package

This package consists of two AzTech Stars. Which two rooms would you like to connect? Maybe put them in your kitchen and your living room? It's up to you, of course.


Orion Package

This package consists of three AzTech Stars. Kitchen, living room and kids' bedroom?


Cassiopeia Package

This package consists of five AzTech Star Communicators. Get one for every child in your household, this way you can reach them all at the same time at your convenience.